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Find out the lingerie sets we have selected for you at the online fashion store Venca. Don’t miss the sexiest and most romantic lingerie to dress you with the sweetest and most feminine underwear. You can shop online knickers, thongs, bras, culottes, lingerie sets, with or without lace, colourful, plain, black, burgundy, red, pink, in all the colours you want.

Complement your lingerie with a sexy dress that you can find in the dresses’ section of the online stone. If you prefer, you can choose shaping lingerie, like push up bras, with or without straps, flat stomach effect or waist refining knickers, etc.

A feminine, sweet and romantic woman is the one that takes care of her underwear, because she knows that if she takes care of her interior, this is reflected to the exterior and she feels more beautiful and attractive. A sensual lingerie set is the best to get that. You can match it with a shirt or blouse that shows what there is underneath. You will also find lace girdles that are very sexy if they are seen under a skirt or dress.

Knickers and bras

Girdle knickers are a must, at Venca we make them cute and convenient, so you can find it in satin fabric with lace, semitransparent, culottes or elastic knit. Look for the matching top parts, the bras that form the set so you can wear everything perfectly combined, because being comfortable also means being elegant. In addition, lace is already present everywhere and makes every casual look more elegant. There are also regular knickers, Brazilian style knickers and thongs.

Bras are another important part of lingerie sets, so don’t hesitate to match them with knickers to create an ideal set. Feel as wonderful in the inside as in the outside looking for the lingerie you like the most. There are bustier tops that you can match with high waist knickers or with a low cup bra with a thong. Choose yourself the one you like the most, at Venca we think about all tastes. Bras with or without underwire, with adjustable straps, with or without padding, with different fabrics, prints, high or low waist knickers, culottes, Brazilian style or thongs, we choose to offer you variety.

Remember that we have sporty underwear available that adapts to your movements; if you want to train your body, don’t miss our sporty bras and the most comfortable culottes.

Affordable for all budgets

Don’t forget to look at Superprices, because you can get a set of bra and bottom part for a great price, so you don’t have any excuse not to buy new underwear. At Venca, we opt for low prices so you can afford enjoying new clothes, along with the sale items, so find out what is suitable to your budget.

Find directly the size or colour that you were looking for using the filters of Venca’s website. Choose the shape and the cup of the bra, if you want it with or without padding, or straps, crossed on the back, etc. You can find everything at the online store and you can get it in a quick, comfortable and easy way.