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At this section of venca.com you’ll find two types of lingerie accessories essential for the whole year: tights and socks. Although we think about them especially in the cold seasons, they’re also useful in spring and summer. For example, elastic mini socks that you can use with flat shoes or opened shoes in the heel. Or the helpful pinkies, also available at our website. Panties with fishnet stockings can also be worn in all seasons if you need them to complete your outfit. Find out the section of products we have prepared for you and don’t hesitate to have them on hand, in your women’s underwear drawer.

Socks for the whole year

You have a wide variety of styles of socks to choose from. From the classics, regular and simple for every occasion; to the mini socks or tight socks, all the way to warm options for the winter. Available in all sizes. Tight socks are a practical and elegant solution when you want to use dress long trousers and open shoes, for example, a saloon type. They are comfortable and fit well. We also have mini compression tights. When it’s cold, we know feet suffer the low temperatures; to solve this, we have socks with faux sheepskin inside and anti-slipping sole, so you can use it without slippers, very comfy! If you want to keep your feet warm when you go to sleep, we have hot effect slippers. If you are cold-blooded, try them on!

Tights: elegant, sexy, basic… we have them all!

Tights are a key piece in lingerie. If there is variety in socks, the offer is much larger when we refer to tights. You can find basic tights for a lot of occasions. As always, you have Venca’s guarantees of quality and they are available in all sixes (even in the largest, like the 3XL) at the best price. If you need tights for a special occasion we offer you a more elegant and refined tights: fishnet stockings, with back sewing, shiny or metallized prints, Lurex finishing. If you opt for the black ones, you’ll find from thin ones, see through, to the thickest.

And if you’re looking for tights with original prints, you’ve been lucky, because we have a lot of options: baroque prints, wavy prints, plumetti, diamond prints… all of them elegant and coquette. You’ll love them. If you wear them with heels, the result will be spectacular.

And if you, instead, are looking for the sexiest option, we advise you to purchase tights with an elastic lace band, that has a piece of anti-slip silicone for a higher comfort. Combine them with your favourite suspender belt to add a suggestive note to your most intimate moments.

Besides those beautiful tights, we also have really comfortable shaping ones that offer you a wide variety of slimming effects. And also the compression tights: with a comfortable waistband and medium compression. These see-through tights are the perfect complement for your legs. They offer a very refreshing rested effect that helps the flow of blood thanks to its technology of fibres LYCRA energize orf 40 derniers.

Find the perfect tights and socks for you at venca.com, your online fashion store. Take advantage of the offers to enjoy your favourite fashion at the best price.